A guide to the philosophy of physics

Philosophy of quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics

Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics 

Bohr's philosophy and the complementarity principle

Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics

The uncertainty principle 

The quantum measurement problem

Bohr's correspondence principle

Philosophical issues in quantum theory

Collapse theories

Everett's relative-state formulation of quantum mechanics

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen argument in quantum theory 

Bell's theorem 

CHSH inequality, Bell's states and quantum games

The Kochen-Specker theorem 

Action at a distance in quantum mechanics

Quantum entanglement and information

The role of decoherence in quantum mechanics

Bohmian mechanics 

Retrocausality in quantum mechanics 

The consistent histories approach to quantum mechanics

Quantum approaches to consciousness 

von Neumann-Wigner interpretation

Quantum logic and probability theory 

Quantum nonlocality and quantum contextuality 

Quantum perspectivism

Quantum theory and mathematical rigor 

Quantum computing

Quantum field theory

Philosophy of spacetime and relativity  

Newton's views on space, time and motion

Leibniz's philosophy of physics

Kant's  views on space and time

Being and becoming in modern physics

Absolute and relational space and motion: classical theories

Absolute and relational space and motion: post-Newtonian theories

Space and time: inertial frames

Conventionality of simultaneity  

Philosophy of the theory of special relativity

The equivalence of mass and energy

The hole argument 

Ernst Mach

Early philosophical interpretations of general relativity

Einstein's philosophy of science 

Hermann Weyl

Philosophy of cosmology  

The universes of Tegmark: The universe, the inflationary multiverse, the quantum multiverse, and the mathematical multiverse

Singularities and black holes

Quantum black holes: Hawking radiation and information loss problem

Quantum gravity 

Philosophy of classical mechanics and symmetry 

Causation in physics 

On symplectic reduction in classical mechanics 

Causation in classical mechanics 

Intrinsic and extrinsic properties 

Symmetry and equivalence 

Symmetry and symmetry breaking  

The representation of time and change in mechanics

Symmetry and invariances in classical physics 

Aspects of determinism in modern physics

The tyranny of scales

Fine tuning

Unification in physics 


Identity and individuality in quantum theory

Holism and non-separability in physics 

Philosophy of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics 

Boltzmann's work in statistical physics 

Boltzmann's philosophy and the second law of thermodynamics

Heat and chance

Philosophy of statistical mechanics 

Interpretation of probability 

Thermodynamics asymmetry in time

Time's arrow and Eddington's challenge

The thermodynamical arrow of time: Reinterpreting the Boltzmann-Schuetz argument 

Time's arrow and Archimedes's point

Philosophical question raised by phase transitions 

Theories of matters: infinities and renormalization

Information processing and thermodynamics entropy

Computation in physical system

Philosophy of time


The experience and perception of time 

Causal determinism

Reichenbach's common cause principle

Backward causation 

Time travel 

Time travel and modern physics 

Time machines  

Philosophy of consciousness 


Temporal consciousness 


Philosophy of science and mathematics  

Scientific method 

Thought experiments

Philosophy of mathematics 

Hilbert's program 

Kurt Godel

The anthropic principle

Simulation hypothesis 

The Matrix as metaphysics 

The philosophy of computer science

The philosophy of neuroscience

Existentialism and metaphysics  

Friedrich Nietzsche  

Neutral monism


Perspectivism in science 

Perspectival objectivity


  1. Is this guide suitable for a theoretical physicist but with no background in philosophy?

    1. Yes, it is. This is the whole point. There will be additions and update to this guide. This guide is intended as a Master course in philosophy of physics-and-consciousness