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Badis Ydri —currently a professor of theoretical particle physics, teaching at the Department of Physics, Badji-Mokhtar Annaba University, Algeria—received his PhD from Syracuse University, New York, USA in 2001 and his Habilitation from Annaba University, Annaba, Algeria in 2011. His doctoral work, titled ‘Fuzzy Physics’, was supervised by Professor A P Balachandran. 


Professor Ydri is an Adjunct Professor at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin, Ireland, and a research associate (regular ICTP associate) at the Abdus Salam Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.

His post-doctoral experience comprises a Marie Curie fellowship at Humboldt
University Berlin, Germany, and a Hamilton fellowship at the Dublin Institute for
Advanced Studies, Ireland.

His current research directions include: noncommutative geometry; the gauge/gravity duality; computational physics of string theory; renormalization group and Monte Carlo methods in matrix models and noncommutative field theories;  emergent geometry, gravity and cosmology from matrix models; and foundations of quantum mechanics.

Other related interests include string theory;  quantum information; causal dynamical triangulation; Horava–Lifshitz gravity; supersymmetric and noncommutative standard models; and supersymmetric gauge theory in four dimensions.

He has recently published six books. His other intellectual  interests include philosophy of physics and existential  philosophy.


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